Monday, February 21, 2011

snow day

Today both of my roommates and I were home for a work "snow day" :) We ventured out in the afternoon to run to Target...only so much you can take being at the apartmen for over 24 hrs! I was not excited about the snow...but it was great to have a day to get my taxes done, work on my Christmas photo album, and just hang out with my roommates. Most of the snow had melted last week (thank goodness!), but here is a view of our courtyard with the fresh snow. I have to admit that it is pretty...I'm just ready for spring and warm weather!

This the 6-8 inches we had last night before I scooped out the path in our courtyard!

And this is all the crazy snow coming down last night!

Here is what our courtyard currently looks like.

Here's to the sun coming out soon to melt this all away!!! Please come soon spring!

I realize that this "weather" post sounds like something my grandma would write :) But I'm really ready for warm weather!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


fears. we all have them. that we are inadequate. that we will fail at something we feel we shouldn't fail. fear of taking a risk.

i have failed. people. family. friends. classes at school. yes, i have failed more than one class. and one time, i failed the same class twice. i've never told that to anyone before. i failed because i let my insecurities win.

i am not a risk-taker. i go on the safe comfortable route. because i don't want to get hurt and i don't want people to see the "weak" side of me. because i like to know the end result. the control freak inside of me. and then i question why i can't trust God more. i tell myself, if i had more trust, why would i be so scared of the unknown?

it is a battle. taking my thoughts captive. praying. trusting.

on a much lighter note: thank goodness our snow is melting! I can't wait for spring!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

dancing queen

One of my very favorite things to do is dance. When I'm in a great mood, I just want to put some music on and go crazy! And sometimes when I'm grumpy...the right kind of music will put me in the dancing mood and make me feel happier. Last night, I was planning on getting laundry done at my sister's house, but I was in a great mood and couldn't let it "go to waste" hanging out by myself on a Saturday night where I'm sure it would have disappeared quickly. So instead I headed to a birthday party...for two friends of my sister that just turned 40. Yep hung out with the older crowd last night :) Once I figured out there was a disco ball and music playing in the den...I was there. So I danced my little heart out for 3 hours. 3 straight hours of pure delight :) It was so much fun dancing with my sister and her friends!

This is a pretty random post I realize. But most of the time, it is the little things that make us happy. And dancing makes me happy :)

Last night, this was a popular song :) The "dj" put it on at least 4 times!
AC/DC: You Shook Me All Night Long

Happy Sunday afternoon! and please put some music on and dance!!