Monday, July 1, 2013

ten things I've learned in June

I’ve disappeared for a couple of months from my blog. I have a hard time being consistent on here. :) There is a post that I started back in February that is still mulling around in my head…and it will come out eventually.   
One of my favorite bloggers (Chatting at the Sky) did a link-up for “what we’ve learned in June” (I'm a little late for that, but still wanted to share) and I decided it was good for me to be reflective on the past month…lessons learned from my heart and just some silly ones too. :) And a disclaimer that these are in no particular order. 

It is good to be vulnerable.
By sharing with others, I have their support and encouragement. And I’m opening myself up to potential blessing. And when you are open about what you are struggling with, you may find out that other people struggle with the same thing and you can be encouraging to each other.

It is freeing to let go.
I was having a really hard time letting go of something that happened last year. And I knew it was going to take time for my heart to heal, but wow, there has been such a freedom for me in just letting it go. I know that simple phrase is actually quite complicated. For me personally, it means putting more trust in God for my future and his continued provision over me.

If I stay up until 3:30 AM, it is likely that I will need a nap the next day.  
But I won't regret it because it means I was probably having fun with friends.

I have a great group of people who want to bless me and love me.
I was overwhelmed by the quick response of people wanting to help support me on my trip to Haiti. I was almost nervous to send out a support letter because I was asking for financial support and I don't like that feeling of asking someone for money. But the response I got showed me that people want to help and sometimes just need the opportunity! I also got a really sweet note from the mom of two little girls I watch and that really made my day. I had no idea that she thought so highly of me. In turn, that makes me want to make sure that people know how much I love them and appreciate them in my life.

Spraypaint is hard to get out of the crevices of your finger.
I recently spray painted several wine bottles to use as decoration for a party. I learned that spray Goo Gone is a great for removing paint from my skin! Spray it on an old wash cloth and scrub away. :)

Being in nature is good for my soul.
I always look forward to my family's annual Netten Campout. It is a week of camping with my cousins, aunts and uncles...and so it means a lot of time outdoors! Which I love! I feel like I have more "breathing space" in which to really look at my heart and see the beauty all around me that I often overlook. And even though the dam is man is beautiful to see the rushing water. (side note: when we were young, us kids really enjoyed telling our parents we were going to the dam because it was the closest we got to swearing.) And even though the lake is small and you can pretty much see the whole thing in one shot...I love seeing the moon and sun and trees reflect on the surface. I'm intrigued watching my Dad build the perfect fire with his teepee of wood and then watching the flames move as they burn the wood.

I will burn and subsequently peel if I don’t properly apply sunscreen.
Especially if it is the first time my skin has seen the sun in awhile. But the burn and funny tan lines will be worth the time spent building sandcastles with my nephews.

It is good to let go of my control.
I'm training my boss’ daughter to help this summer at work and I'm trying to let her figure out her “own way” to complete the task. And then fight the urge to "double check" her work. It is not time efficient for me to make sure all of the filing is exactly the way I would do it. And I need to be okay with that.

It is a little strange how I organize my clothes in my closet.
My niece pointed this out to me when I was helping her re-organize her own closet and I was putting all of her white shirts on the same color hanger and the rest of her clothes on white hangers. She laughed at me and told me there was no chance it would stay like that. I nodded my head because I know that is a true statement, but it still didn't stop me from continuing.

I like hard cider. 
I first tried it at a friend's house and I really liked it. And then for a work boating activity, I had another kind and liked that too! So last week, instead of taking wine coolers for camping, I bought a variety pack of cider. It kind of has become my "new" drink of choice. But it is probably the closest I'll get to drinking beer.

What did you learn in June?