Sunday, May 23, 2010

memory snapshots

Interrupting dream home images to bring you this post :)

This past weekend was full of shower for my sister Sara and high school graduation for my baby sister Leah and my niece Alisha. It was so much fun having all my siblings around for the weekend. I actually only took 12 pictures on my here are a few moments I "captured" in my mind.

My sister Leah and niece Courtney playing boxing and bowling on the Wii....SO hilarious to watch! wish I caught it on video :)

My mom attempting to play golf on the Wii....I'm so proud of her for trying!

My brother Naboth standing next to his oldest daughter at her graduation party....I'm sure it won't hit him and his wife that Alisha graduated until they bring her to Chicago in August.

My Grandma Netten helping clean-up after my sister's graduation party. There is no telling her to sit down and not help :)

My dad talking with most of his brothers at my sister's graduation party...they are all so much alike!! Quiet and and very dry sense of humor :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

dream house ideas....for the moment :)

I have a whole folder on my computer dedicated to my inspiration design ideas. I love looking through the pictures when I want to dream about my future house. :) Which is a long ways down the road... haha!

I love porches...and the look of older houses.

Entering into the house: love the bench...with the hooks above and space for displaying pictures

Choosing between all my kitchen pictures was too hard so I had to include more than one :)

I really like the painted cabinets...almost can't believe I'm saying that...used to be such a firm believer in solid wood cabinetry. My mind is opening to new ideas! And I like the bookshelf at the end of the island. Handy for cookbooks and other items you might want to display.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

I really like the wall paint color in this kitchen...should be no surprise to those who know me! It's in my favorite color family: turquoise :) Also like the chalkboard detail on the side of the cabinet.

Source: Jen Johner blog

The blue subway tiles grabbed my attention here...and the bamboo curtains mixed with the white cabinetry. Gives a good grounding to the kitchen.

In this kitchen, I like the ceiling detail and how the lower cabinets are painted a different color than the other cabinets. And you can catch a bit of the farmhouse sink...they are my FAVORITE!
source: Canadian House and Home
And so this post doesn't turn so long....I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my dream living room, bedroom and bathroom ideas!

Friday, May 14, 2010

faith lessons

I have loved the sermons at my church lately...speaking to me and pushing me to think more and more about how I'm living my life. So I think about it...but really I need to make changes and put what I'm learning into action. That's always the hardest part right??

A couple of notes I've taken:

Be with Jesus: Just as you are. (this to me means being vulnerable and being okay with not being perfect before you go to hard for me. I need to get past that!)

When it's Jesus plus something, you end up losing Jesus and fall into the deceptions of the "somethings"--gets into the legalisms

More stuff does NOT equal a satisfied life. Just makes us want more stuff. (WOW....I see this so much in the world around's what "they" try to push...and in my own life)

Easy equals Jesus furnishing what you need. (Now I just need to work on my TRUST issues...God has such a better plan than me!)

So that's what I've been trying to process..... it's good stuff. I'm so blessed to have found a church that can feed me just what I need! Thank you God!!!! I've also just started volunteering with the children's department...and I love it :)

Alright on to some cleaning so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend without that on my plate :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

school logo canvas for G

Here is the completed canvas for G, my nephew. It's been done for awhile, but I got away from posting for awhile and now I'm trying to get back into it again :) My brother-in-law added the wood frame and it is a great finishing touch!

G loves it and I think his older brother is a little bit jealous too :) haha!