Sunday, May 23, 2010

memory snapshots

Interrupting dream home images to bring you this post :)

This past weekend was full of shower for my sister Sara and high school graduation for my baby sister Leah and my niece Alisha. It was so much fun having all my siblings around for the weekend. I actually only took 12 pictures on my here are a few moments I "captured" in my mind.

My sister Leah and niece Courtney playing boxing and bowling on the Wii....SO hilarious to watch! wish I caught it on video :)

My mom attempting to play golf on the Wii....I'm so proud of her for trying!

My brother Naboth standing next to his oldest daughter at her graduation party....I'm sure it won't hit him and his wife that Alisha graduated until they bring her to Chicago in August.

My Grandma Netten helping clean-up after my sister's graduation party. There is no telling her to sit down and not help :)

My dad talking with most of his brothers at my sister's graduation party...they are all so much alike!! Quiet and and very dry sense of humor :)

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