Friday, May 14, 2010

faith lessons

I have loved the sermons at my church lately...speaking to me and pushing me to think more and more about how I'm living my life. So I think about it...but really I need to make changes and put what I'm learning into action. That's always the hardest part right??

A couple of notes I've taken:

Be with Jesus: Just as you are. (this to me means being vulnerable and being okay with not being perfect before you go to hard for me. I need to get past that!)

When it's Jesus plus something, you end up losing Jesus and fall into the deceptions of the "somethings"--gets into the legalisms

More stuff does NOT equal a satisfied life. Just makes us want more stuff. (WOW....I see this so much in the world around's what "they" try to push...and in my own life)

Easy equals Jesus furnishing what you need. (Now I just need to work on my TRUST issues...God has such a better plan than me!)

So that's what I've been trying to process..... it's good stuff. I'm so blessed to have found a church that can feed me just what I need! Thank you God!!!! I've also just started volunteering with the children's department...and I love it :)

Alright on to some cleaning so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend without that on my plate :)

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