Wednesday, February 16, 2011


fears. we all have them. that we are inadequate. that we will fail at something we feel we shouldn't fail. fear of taking a risk.

i have failed. people. family. friends. classes at school. yes, i have failed more than one class. and one time, i failed the same class twice. i've never told that to anyone before. i failed because i let my insecurities win.

i am not a risk-taker. i go on the safe comfortable route. because i don't want to get hurt and i don't want people to see the "weak" side of me. because i like to know the end result. the control freak inside of me. and then i question why i can't trust God more. i tell myself, if i had more trust, why would i be so scared of the unknown?

it is a battle. taking my thoughts captive. praying. trusting.

on a much lighter note: thank goodness our snow is melting! I can't wait for spring!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post Beks. We do all have fears, and we can overcome them one step at a time. So proud of you for voicing so beautifully what we all think about. Love you.