Wednesday, March 2, 2011

get me out of this funk

today i was in a funk.

Probably coming from too many "should haves" and "what ifs" rolling around in my head and the thought of needing to buy a new car. So tonight, I'm going to dream a little.... and take a mental vacation to somewhere warm and relaxing...where I could sit and read books all day long with a fruity tropical drink in my hand :)

So sit back and dream with me :)
I would stay in a house that looks like this. Of course, it's turquoise :)
And if I was going with someone....this B&B looks pretty sweet.

And a living room with a great ocean view

A little nook to curl up and read or take a nap :)

A great beachy bedroom for long restful nights of sleep

A bathroom with a beach view and ready for a bubble bath and reading a book.
I'm not showing any kitchens because I'd prefer not to cook while on this vacation. Since this is a dream, I'd prefer meals of lobster, salmon, and shrimp delivered to me :) And I would eat it here on this porch.
And at night, I'd love to enjoy a fire while hearing the waves crash on the beach and looking up at the stars.

Someday.... :)

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