Saturday, May 26, 2012

the world is too much

I'm reading a devotional called: "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young these days. I might dare to say it has been the best devotional I've ever read. There is only a paragraph or two each day to read, but they speak volumes to me. The reading for May 25 reads this (I added the bold to the text):

The world is too much with you, My child. Your mind leaps from problem to problem to problem, tangling your thoughts in anxious knots. When you think like that, you leave Me out of your world-view and your mind becomes darkened. Though I yearn to help, I will not violate your freedom. I stand silently in the  background of your mind, waiting for you to remember that I am with you.

When you turn from  your problems to My Presence, your load is immediately lighter. Circumstances may not have changed, but we carry your burdens together. Your compulsion to "fix" everything gives way to deep, satisfying connection with Me. Together we can handle whatever this day brings.

The last line for today's reading states this: "In My Presence you can face uncertainty with perfect Peace."

I often find myself rereading the day's message (since the book is small, it fits in my purse) as a reminder when I find myself getting stressed, anxious, etc during the day.

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