Sunday, January 24, 2010

creative outlet

I have realized even though I go to an "arts school" I need to have another outlet to have as a release. So I picked up painting canvases...I'm doing a lot of experimenting...and usually they aren't meant for anyone other than myself, but it has been a great outlet for me to relaz through painting... no outside expectations...just what I want it to be. And if it is not going the way I can paint it over and start again :) So here is just a sampling of what I've done in the past couple months.

The following one I made for my parents (one of my firsts):

This next one was for the one of the neighbor girls...she saw me painting the one for my parents and asked me to paint one for her with her favorite colors. She LOVED it :)

And then her younger sister asked for one too...and I couldn't resist because these girls are so cute :) I ;earned a lot from creating this canvases....and know I have much to improve on, but it is a great process for me.

I'm just finishing up a painting for my nephew...his school's logo. It turned out pretty well for his themed room that I just finished painting this week. I'll post pictures when the room is complete!

That's all for on to the homework :(

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