Sunday, January 17, 2010

what a day.

I cut my head open today. So my day has turned out quite differently than I had planned :) And here the somewhat long story:

I am repainting my nephew's room and was going to paint the stripe today. I had just finished taping the boundaries when I stepped back to observe my "straightness" and I tripped over a lamp cord. Bad move!!! The lamp was on a bookshelf and it had a ceramic base. The base hit my head, crashed to the floor, and I screamed out with pain. I ran to the bed holding my head to lay down...I don't do well with pain so I didn't want to faint. As I was laying crying on the bed, I realized my hand was wet...pulled my hand away and it was full of blood. That freaked me out!! I quickly grabbed a rag and headed to the neighbors for help. Of course this happened while I was home alone. Thankfully, they were home and were able to calm me down so they could take a look at it. They called my sister... even though she was out of town and would be unable to do anything. Once again, thankfully, the cut wasn't deep and closed up right away. I laid down for awhile with a ice pack on my head...and was feeling better, but they still wouldn't let me go home :) But I have to admit, it was great to have someone take care of me and a family to hang out with b/c it had been a pretty lonely weekend. Now I'm back at home and a bit scared to fall asleep... I don't want to accidentally lay on my cut during the night or do something to make it start bleeding again. So instead, I'm watching TV with an ice pack on my head...hoping to fall asleep at some point. Another thing to be thankful school tomorrow so I can get the homework done that I was supposed to get done today!

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