Sunday, January 30, 2011

my grandma's letters

I'm kind of a pen pal with my Grandma Netten and I LOVE getting her letters in the mail. I hadn't written her since before my Grandpa passed away in December and she moved into a retirement home. I wrote her a couple of weeks ago because I was overdue for writing her and giving her a little glimpse into my life. I can't share too much because who knows who she will tell and how she will change the story! She wrote me back this week and I love hearing about whatever she has been doing and whatever news about the family she likes to pass along. Side note: once upon a time, this is how I found out my cousin was pregnant and was getting married :) She usually only includes a couple of punctuation marks through out the entire letter, but that is what I love and it's always a bonus when she spells my name right.

I had been doing pretty well dealing with my Grandpa's death, but when it came to writing the letter, I realized it was the first time I addressed it just to my Grandma. In my head, I could imagine in the past my Grandma reading the letter outloud to my Grandpa and him saying "what did you say?" many times because he refused to wear a hearing aid. Funny how little moments like writing an address make you realize how much you miss someone... I'll miss him asking me everytime I saw him, "where is your boyfriend" and me explaining that I didn't have one. One time, my uncle overheard and told me to tell him that I had too many boyfriends to chose from :) My Grandpa seemed to like that joke when he realized I wasn't serious!

And to end with a lighter note, here are some snippets from my Grandma's letter.
"thanks for your card was a pretty one good to hear you are good So am I an I like it here starting to know more people an we do a lot of things play cards Bingo exercise So we are kept busy an I do 10 pages in my find the word book every day so Im just not sitting here doing nothing."

"hows the weather we sure been having some cold weather an snow keeps your dad busy scooping"

"I see Leah also brings me the best beautiful flowers about every week I really get the commets on them from people here an they all like her too."

I'm so thankful to get letters from my Grandma :)

Here's a picture I took with my grandparents this fall...on one of my Grandpa's "good days"

love and miss you always Grandpa and so thankful to have more time with my Grandma!

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  1. Beks this is so adorable...I love that you are pen pals with your grandma. That is so precious. And I love the snippets from her letters! :)